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Career Direction Getting You Down?


Confused? Unsure what to do or where to start?

  • What is the right career for you?
  • At career crossroads?
  • Want more responsibility but held back by challenges, obstacles or limiting beliefs?

Recognise and address obstacles, build confidence,and find a career direction that feels right for you.



 "I had the chance to be coached by Simone. She assisted me with outstanding work helping to review my profile and re-think my new career phase, and how I could extract the best of it to achieve my goals. I recommend Simone as a career coach; she's got an extensive experience in this field!"

Alvaro Bunster, Supply Chain & Logistics Expert

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Job Interview?


You have so much to offer, so much to say are in an interview and suddenly BLANK? 

  • Nervous?
  • You waffle?  
  • Say the wrong things in the moment?

Identify and succinctly articulate the experiences and achievements that showcase your strengths. 



" Hi Simone I just finished my interview, they said my interview skills are excellent! That's a comment I didn't think I'd ever hear:) thank you so much!"  

Sharon Han , Educational Psychologist

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Personal Marketing Training


Your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile not getting results? 

What set you apart? 

Learn how to pinpoint and effectively highlight your unique attributes.



 "Not just the specific help on CV and interview, but the reminder of how much I have done in the past that can be very  useful for distinguishing me from other applicants" 

Greg Bennett—Accountant & Financial Services Tax Specialist

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Redundancies? Restructuring? Provide Support!

Testimonial: End to end tailored coaching


I initially signed up for one career coaching session, as I was a little hesitant to sign up for an extended period before trialling it. That session opened up my eyes about the value of having an excellent career coach like Simone, who in that first session more than delivered on her promise of “identifying my gold nuggets”. I signed up for more sessions on the spot, where we went through all the processes involved in job hunting from updating my CV to practising interview techniques. During these sessions, Simone impressed me with her in-depth knowledge of the current job market and her mastery in the art of decoding corporate jargon. This resulted in my getting a job offer for the first job that I was interviewed for. Simone is truly a first-class career coach who seamlessly combines career coaching with life coaching that will enable a job hunter to fulfil their full potential in today’s challenging job market. 

Tariro Mavengere, Business Analyst

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