How Can GR82BU Help You?


Who are you?

  • At career crossroads?
  • Confused about the right career for you
  • Held back by challenges, obstacles or limiting beliefs?

As your career coach I will take you on a journey of self-discovery and empower you to define who you are, recognise your value  and determine your career direction. I will help you to create your personal career master plan. Along the way, I will share valuable concepts that promote personal growth and self confidence. 


Who do I work with?

  • Young adults
  • People at career crossroads
  • People with challenges 
  • Organisations going through a restructure, role transitions or redundancies

I provide job application related services and show you how to market yourself effectively on paper and train you to do the same in an interview situation—an end to end tailored service that everyone needs and mostly don't get.

I am not a magic wand and don't provide an off the shelf quick fix. I facilitate positive outcomes for people who want to work towards achieving them. I don't tell you what to do but rather provide you with the tools to design your own future and own your decisions.   


I Am Determined To Help You Soar!

It is imperative to recognise and appreciate one's gold nuggets to gain self belief. Understanding how the mind works and using this knowledge to improve our mindset enables us to be more successful in everything we do; learning how to interact with others effectively is invaluable. 

Don't let the world miss out! Everyone has something unique and special to contribute.  Feel good, be authentic and comfortable in your own skin. Love yourself. Be on purpose and inspired every day—nothing compares.


Make Career Headway, Let Me Help!

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