About Simone - Founder of GR82BU


Qualifications and Experience

Simone started her career in the sciences and with a Masters of Physiology went on to head up a high school Biology department. Over the years Simone has owned and successfully managed numerous small businesses diverse in nature including: digital education, teaching, wholesale  and career enhancement support (personal marketing tools such as CVs  and interview training). Simone is a personal growth advocate and career coach with executive coaching experience; a qualified self empowerment coach. She has diplomas in project management, travel consulting and is a second language English teacher.   


Her North Star and Compass Heading

Simone is a natural educator, loves people, nature and animals. She is determined to make a difference.

Simone is resolute in her will to help others feel good about themselves. "There is no better feeling for me than helping someone recognise their value, seeing their whole demeanor change when the penny drops and they feel great to be who they are. It makes my day" 

"I have had a chronic illness for longer than I haven’t but it doesn’t define who I am" Simone is passionate about  helping others with  medical challenges to see their inner beauty,  empower them to create a life that fulfills them.—love themselves enough to no longer be defined by a medical challenge. 

"My dream is to facilitate the opportunity for our youth to actively participate in the conservation of wildlife and experience the satisfaction of making a difference'' We as a family are WWF supporters and fundrasisers.