Determine Your Career Path

Together we find the answers!


  • Explore new possibilities
  • Discover options you might never have found on your own
  • Gain new perspective
  •  Develop an improved perception of self
  • No longer feel stuck in a single direction mindset
  • Address limiting beliefs related to obstacles or challenges
  • See your value
  • Assess and select roles that are right for you
  • Learn how to stand out and make an impact

Together we will identify roles that you not only are able to do, but that  connect with who you are, ensuring you wake up every day with purpose and intention.  

 As your career coach I will take you on a journey of self-discovery and empower you to define who you are, recognise your value  and determine your career direction. I will help you to create your personal career master plan. Along the way, I will share valuable concepts that promote personal growth and self confidence.  

Why is knowing your compass heading important?


  • Many of us identify ourselves very strongly with our careers and our jobs. Consequently, who I “am” has a great deal to do with what I “do.”
  • When you find yourself in a career that isn’t “you” it won't inspire you or keep you happy, often resulting in subconsciously self-sabotage

When what you "do" is aligned with who "you" are, you have job satisfaction, a zest for life and a spring in your step. 

It's that knowing


  • Career related issues have wide-ranging effects on our lives, impacting our moods and emotions
  • They are closely related to our core values, goals, beliefs and stories about: who we are, who we’re not, where we’re going in life, our contribution and even our legacy
  • When these are uncertain, our self worth, self esteem and self-confidence are affected


 "The programme taught me much about myself and provided numerous tools and ideas to assist tackling those difficult hurdles in life.  Simone proved most profound in spontaneous conversation when relying on her natural talent to sum up unique situations and skilfully provide insight and guidance on the spot...I am so much more prepared, organised and confident.  Simone played a massive role in that process of self-empowerment and I am forever thankful for that!"

NM Accountant & Tax Specialist

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