executive interview preparation

Top jobs? Fewer opportunities and greater competition!

  • You have years of experience and know your worth
  • This is a rare opportunity, you can't afford to miss out
  • You don't have time to waste! You want effective, efficient and to the point coaching
  • You have so many stories and experiences. Finding the right example to talk about in the moment is difficult
  • You MUST be succinct, on point and impressive

Ensure what you say appeals to your prospective employer, make an IMPACT! To do this you must have the right examples at front of mind.

I will 'unearth your gems', help you recall the relevant experiences and achievements that set you apart. 


 "I did get offered one of the new positions, probably the pick of the bunch – well at least the one I put as my first preference. Going through the HR process with letters etc.

I did receive a little bit of feedback and was told the deputy commissioner who was on the interview panel had been impressed. 

Thanks for your help, I believe because of your training, I was much better prepared than I would have been otherwise. Some of those tricky questions you asked, were asked in different ways in the interview so at least thinking about an answer helped and maybe that was what differentiated me from the others."

Matthew Prince Senior Management, Tax Expert


 Executive Package: $375

Two sessions (3 hrs)

  • Custom mock interview
  • Mock interview (polish)

Gold Standard: $475

Three sessions (4 hrs)

  • Unearth Your Gems  
  • Custom mock interview
  • Mock interview (polish)