Interview Coach

Be Prepared!!


“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”
Oscar Wilde

  •   Increase your chances of success and BE PREPARED   Our well-researched highly effective course is unique. It is comprehensive, structured and industry-specific. Each person’s personal challenges are addressed
  • Your course will be customised for you and the job you are being interviewed for.  

Identifying your gold nuggets


Prior to your mock interview I look  through your CV/resume, cover letter and the role specifications

I am always well-prepared to help you highlight the gold nuggets—experience, qualities and skills—that give you the edge. 

Interview training includes:


  •  An interactive session that takes you through our comprehensive Interview Skills Preparation Workbook covering everything you need to know / do before, during and after the interview 
  • Mock interview with questions tailored to a specific role and industry with detailed feedback on performance and areas for improvement 


"Not just the specific help on CV and interview, but the reminder of how much I have done in the past that can be very  useful for distinguishing me from other applicants" 

Greg Bennett—Accountant & Financial Services Tax Specialist

  I did get offered one of the new positions, probably the pick of the bunch...Thanks for your help, I believe because of your training, I was much better prepared than I would have been otherwise. Some of those tricky questions you asked, were asked in different ways in the interview so at least thinking about an answer helped and maybe that was what differentiated me from the others.   

Matthew Prince Senior Management Team Meember, Tax Expert