Career services: Personal marketing & career success

Identifying Your Gems


  • To help you market yourself effectively I gain an in depth understanding of your skills, knowledge, work or other relevant  experience
  • I specialise in asking questions that unearth the gems you find so hard to recognise yourself
  • Help you pinpoint the qualities and achievements prospective employers in your field are looking for. 
  • Not only is this process valuable in terms of writing effective personal marketing documents, it also gives you clarity, builds your confidence. and gives you a new perception of yourself

Effectctive Personal Marketing


I show you how to write an effective CV, cover letter,  selection criteria self assessment and Linkedin profile OR do them for you.

Personal Growth


Personal development training and workshops include topics that  inspire and develop self confidence, self belief and self awareness.

Among others: 

Understanding how the mind works and using this knowledge to improve our mindset, enables us to be more successful in everything we do

Interact with others effectively

Get ahead by being proactive

Knowing that to learn one must make mistakes—getting ahead not failing

Understanding how the mind creates limiting beliefs

—Seamlessly managing career change

Career Tips Series

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