Youth Career Coach—Helping You to Overcome Career-Related Challenges


If you identify with the statements below I can help

  • School choices and career options feel like massive challenges
  • You have absolutely no idea what you want to do, what you even like or don't
  • You may have limiting beliefs about what is possible
  • You feel stuck in a single direction mindset
  • Perhaps your friends are all following a particular path; you feel pressurised to do the same but somewhere it makes you feel uneasy

You desperately want a career coach, someone who will  partner with you and empower you to find a career direction that feels right for you.  Someone who will carefully, intentionally, and enthusiastically question you, listen to you and help you chart your course. Your personal careerbuilder, empowering you to wade through the confusion and gain clarity.


It is overwhelming!

Many young adults have no career plans; they feel lost and frustrated. There are huge financial and time commitments associated with tertiary education. This in itself makes these decisions stressful. It is also a very good reason to ensure our young adults are in the best position to make such decisions.

Young adults have many people cheering them on: parents, siblings, teachers, guidance counsellors; sometimes advisors, tutors, trainers, and specialists too. We, as parents want to help them find their way but sometimes we aren’t the right people to do that.


They deserve to dream

Life is beautiful, fun and filled with opportunity. Our youth deserve to dream, do and be their authentic selves. 

Hold on to their passions, aim high, set goals and back themselves. They should not be limited by beliefs created by circumstance or the opinions of others. 

At some point shortly after starting school, our children start to lose their free spirits, fascination, absolute joy and appreciation of that great adventure called life. We must facilitate their ability to retain imagination, unquestioning self confidence and ability to attempt anything without apprehension or self doubt.

Figuring Out Your Career Direction Made Easy

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Successfully helping a year 11 student achieve her dream of being selected as a Junior MP